Martini's Olive

Confessions of a Coop!Slut

12 February 1971
Adults Only, Mature content.

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I am a bisexual woman writer,

Max Martini fangirl,
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NUMB3RS addict,
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Heroes lover,
Criminal Minds Morgan/Garcia shipper,
Supernatural fan
and mourning Gilmore Girls just because Lorelai and Rory = Mel and Rockstar.

Have you seen Blood Ties yet? Oooh...*shivers* Pretty vampire!
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I am an avid slasher. Don't bother, I know I'm going to hell--I read and write Eppes, Winchester, and Petrelli. I support protecting real children from all types of abuse, and I support the rights of fiction writers. There is no such thing as illegal fiction.

I am lucky enough to have the most prolific Numb3rs author as a slash!wife: emmademarais. I'm also in collaboration with Mistress!penguingal and the amazing t_vo0810 . I don't know how I managed to score such fantastic friends and writing partners, but I'm honored. Collaborative fic is posted at deuxplumes.

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One of my lj goals for 2007 was to find a user name that felt like me. When I first started out on LJ I was paranoid that my mom would google me and find my slashfic. So I chose a user name as unlike myself as I could stand. Well, as IF my mother is that interested in the internet, right? LOL.

And it bugged me.

I started brainstorming for something a little more comfy to slip into. It proved quite a challenge, but my slash wives and some other friends made wonderful suggestions. My fantastically creative WCSW emmademarais dubbed me "melissima" and of course, I love it. (I do have a writer's ego, after all.)

So don't freak out at the strange-looking name on your flist, k? <3

One last note: I use a pseudonym and blur my rl info. this is purely an attempt to keep my mother from stumbling over my slash!fics--no deception of anyone is intended or implied.